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The “Open Drifter” (OD) is a small river drifter developed by the Centre for Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology and supported by GEA. The OD is an IoT device that can provide real-time estimates of position, travel speed, accelerations, orientations, or magnetic fields using mobile or radio communication at 1 Hz as well as onboard recording at 5-10 Hz. These properties make the drifter an ideal tool for the instantaneous characterization of small to large river streams. The OD is developed with low-cost open software and hardware which makes affordable the scalability of its production.

Overview & list of components

PCB files

Arduino code & libraries

Main board code (.ino)

GSM board code (.ino)

Radio transmission board code (.ino)

Radio receiver board code (.ino)

Arduino libraries (collection of libraries)

U-center software for GNSS configuration: u-center v18.08 (third party software)

SPart Software

SPart 1.0 for Windows (Recommended: Win 10 and newer)

Plotpoint.txt file example (Check the readme file)

Bug reporting & Updates

We are continuously improving OD. Contact us if you have any improvement suggestion. Contact authors in the following emails:



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